Avondale Quality of Life

What is  Quality of Life Planning?

Quality of Life (QOL) Planning, is one of the most important steps a neighborhood can take to become healthier, safer and economically stronger.  By bringing together residents, leaders and comprehensive community development experts, a community can set goals for its future, decide on priorities and get the wheels turning on positive changes.

A Quality of Life planning process captures the vision of residents and turns their goals into achievable projects and programs.  QOL planning looks at the whole community including schools, parks, health care, child care, community safety, organizing, social services and opportunities for economic advancement.  The plan links physical and program planning so that social programs and services are incorporated into the physical vitality of the neighborhood.  These plans cover not only the physical environment, but all the associated issues that determine the quality of neighborhood life: individual and family opportunity, business and economic activity, education, and the protection of residents' health and safety. 

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What Have We Done So Far?

Environmental Scan and Bench Mark Data collection and Interviews

The Avondale Development Corporation is currently in phase one of the Quality of Life program which consists of interviewing the residents and community stakeholders, and identifying shared community priorities.  Information about the neighborhood is also collected from environmental scans published by Greater Cincinnati Urban League, Avondale Community Council, Avondale Development Corporation, City of Cincinnati, LISC & Place Matter's Avondale Social Capital Survey, as well as findings from asset mapping to better help our research.

In addition to these interviews, this phase will also include a web series called Forgotten Faces.  Forgotten Faces will draw more attention to the projects through stories and experiences of our residents.

What’s Next?

Identify Shared Community Priorities:

After collecting all of the interviews and data the information will be analyzed and sorted so that ADC and the community can have a better understanding of what is needed and what Avondale wants.

Report/Visioning Session/Workgroup Committee Facilitation

During the Visioning session the community will come together to discuss the issue within the community, how to tackle them, as well as the leaders in the community.

Quality of Life Plan/Document

After the data collection and visioning session, a plan of action will be drawn up by the residents and supporting staff.

Take Action

The last step in the process is to take action and use the plan developed by the community.

For more information on how to get involved please contact

April Gallelli at 513-861-2232 ext.102 or email agallelli@growavondale.org.