2019 Avondale Feet in the Street 5K


636 Prospect place, 45229 (south avondale elementary school)

In partnership with the

Avondale Festival & Health Fair

Did You Know?


“In the City of Cincinnati, African-Americans live an average of 63.8 years, exactly 10 years less than white men. Overall, rates of diseases and conditions ranging from diabetes and cancer to high blood pressure and hypertension are significantly higher for African-Americans in Cincinnati.” *

The overall health and wellness of the black community is dependent on the health of black men. African Americans are dying from preventable diseases at 10 times the rate of other men, which drives the mission of the Avondale Feet in the Street 5K and Avondale Family Health Day. We believe making a lasting difference in lives improves the health and well being for all.

Avondale Feet in the Street 5K was launched in 2014 as a means to highlight important health issues and bring together families from Avondale and across Cincinnati for a day of fun, exercise, companionship and health screenings for African American families.

The 6th Annual Feet in the Street 5K Run/Walk & Avondale Family Health Day will weave throughout Avondale, focused on the Rockdale Cul-de-sac and Reading Road, with a health festival taking place at South Avondale Elementary School & Lincoln Park. The event is coordinated in partnership with the Avondale Community Council and the historic Avondale Running Club.

The Avondale Family Health Day Initiative is dedicated to changing the health disparities among Avondale residents and African Americans and continues to be a leader in health awareness by encouraging participants to:

  1. Know Your Numbers

  2. Get Active

  3. Visit The Doctor Annually

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