Avondale Development Corporation (ADC) is a nonprofit organization founded in 2011 to help improve the quality of life for residents of Avondale, the largest African-American neighborhood in Cincinnati.

ADC addresses critical housing needs in Avondale through a real estate portfolio that covers rehab and new construction.

We work with the area’s leading businesses and organizations to create jobs and economic opportunities for Avondale residents, and lead organizing, engagement and advocacy efforts in Avondale to foster a community of neighbors who know each other and work together for common goals. Our many partners include Avondale Community Council, Cincinnati Public Schools, Children’s Hospital Medical Center, UC Health, Uptown Consortium and the City of Cincinnati.

Avondale Development Corporation plans to actively engagement and communicate with Avondale residents, strengthen and expand Avondale housing stock while leveraging partnerships that advance and sustain economic opportunities for residents.

For more information about the Avondale Development Corporation, please contact Russell Hairston at rhairston@growavondale.org, 513-861-2232 ext. 100 or visit www.growavondale.org.