REACH Avondale

REACH (Rehab Across Cincinnati and Hamilton County) Avondale involves a partnership between the Redevelopment Authority and the Hamilton County Landbank focusing on single-family home new build and rehabilitations in Avondale.

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Construction Rules

  • No person, other than in the event of emergency, shall engage in or undertake any construction or the operation of any mechanical, electrical or battery-operated apparatus which produces loud sound which disturbs the peace and quiet of the neighborhood between the restricted hours.

  • Work on Sunday’s may sometimes be required due to weather delays. Such work will be limited to quiet preparation or work such as painting, cleaning or landscaping (without the use of heavy equipment).

  • Noise from idling vehicles is not permitted during the prohibited times. If deliveries or early arrivals cannot be avoided, those vehicles will be required to be shut off.

  • The conduct of the construction team will be taken very seriously.  Loud talking, music, etc. early in the morning or later in the evening will not be tolerated. 

  • Construction vehicles and equipment will be requested to park/stage on the vacant lots owned by the HCLRC across the street on Forest to leave off street parking spaces for the current residents.  If a street parking space is required for construction activities, proper permits will be pulled from the City of Cincinnati.

  • Any activity that would temporarily limit vehicle accessibility for the residents on Forest, Eden and Haven will be communicated, in writing, at least 24 hours before the necessary event.  Please note that as of today, the HCLRC sees no reason that the street will ever need to be fully closed for construction.

  • Asbestos and airborne debris will be managed in accordance with federal, state and city regulations as we do on all renovation and demolition projects.

  • All construction work will be properly permitted and inspected by the City of Cincinnati in accordance.

Construction Hours

Monday thru Friday 7:00AM-7:00PM

Saturday/Sunday* 9:00AM-7:00PM         

Comments or concerns can be emailed to


Key Dates

August 2019 - Haven Avenue Utilities Run

September 2019

  • Haven Avenue Foundation Pour

  • 3457 & 3479 Haven - Interior Demo/Cleanout

October 2019

  • 3457 & 3479 Wilson - Interior Framing begins

November-December 2019

  • Haven Avenue - Framing and Dry-In

The rehab of 3479 Wilson was awarded to Unlimited Carpentry, a SBE and 2nd Chance Employer.  The home has been abated and demo is complete.  Over the next couple of weeks they will be framing, running all the mechanicals and repairing foundation issues in the basement.  

  • The rehab of 3457 Wilson was awarded to LeValley, a WBE and MBE.  The home has been abated, the structural issues with the foundation have been repaired and interior demo and framing is complete. They are currently installing the mechanical systems in the home which is expected to run into the 2nd week of August.

  • The single family structure that had major foundation issues has been demolished and the land has been made ready for a new home to be built on it.

  • The church has also been demolished and the land has been regraded slightly to help with drainage along the entire street.

  • Regarding the new construction homes on Wilson and Haven, we took the top 3 home choices that the community voted on (as reported in the ADC Newsletter) and are having the architects finalize the building plans which will be submitted to the City for permit by the end of August.  We will be releasing a RFP for the construction of these home shortly and would love if you could help us spread the word to the residents of Avondale to bid on them!   Our goal is to award these by mid-September and have construction start shortly thereafter but will firm up dates as we get closer.

  • The new construction homes that will built on the corner of Forest and Eden are moving along as well.  We are currently working with a civil engineer to plot out utility locations and will be setting up a meeting with the City’s Development Department for review in the next couple of weeks.  We do not expect any design changes from what was presented to the Community Council in April but if for any reason something needs to be tweaked in order to accommodate a utility provider, we will make you aware immediately.